Free cotton and leather clutch tutorial

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Hi everyone! Just wanted to share a free tutorial I just tried out for this cotton and leather clutch. I got the leather from the remnant bin and it was enough to make the tote I shared recently as well as this clutch. I found the tutorial here I definitely recommend using interfacing and a stiff one at that. Leather and cotton are both so soft if you don't you'll have a flimsy bag. I've never installed a zipper in this fashion but it works and that's all that matters. The finished clutch is 13 1/4 w by 10 1/4 h so a nice size. Can't wait to use this with jeans and some solid tees I have in turquoise, coral and orange. This will be a nice casual clutch. Enjoy. Blessings!

The 1 Hour Basket tutorial!

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Hi ya'll! I 've been seeing the Hour Basket lately all over sewing blogs I follow and on Instagram. This is a free tutorial, doesn't require a lot of fabric, it's easy, and is helping me get my sewing room organized. This would be a great beginner project and these would be handy in any room of the house. Do a kitchen themed fabric and use it there, or make one in fun fabric for a childs room to hold all their special little things. I'm making them for fabric storage and I can't believe how much they hold! Here's one I made
And another

Are you noticing a theme here?

Yep! Color themed baskets on my shelf will help me quickly find what I need.

You can find the tutorial here

My spin on the FREE Noodlehead tote Pattern

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Hi Everyone! I hope you're enjoying your Sunday. After an awesome, challenging service today, we came home and I decided today was going to be the day I finally tried out this free tote pattern from Noodlehead I found a while back. I love her patterns and her style. The Madras fabric she used I love, however, I needed that tote made in fabric that goes with what I wear and done in my own unique way. I had this Home Décor fabric I used in place of cotton and had yellow home decor fabric I used for my interior instead of cotton. I replaced the canvas lining with a stiff interfacing I ironed to the back of my exterior fabric. I replaced the cotton pocket with a piece of leather I got for a steal as it was an end of the bolt piece. I made my own handles instead of purchasing the cotton webbing she used. I still did the 24" length but did 5" wide, then made my handles as normal by ironing the length in half, bringing each side up to the crease and ironing them, then folding that in half, ironing it, and sewing down both sides. This tote has a divided pocket in front and is a nice 16" wide by 15 1/2 High when completed. I love everything about it and who couldn't use a new tote? I think from start to finish this took about 2 hours, not bad! I would have my hubby take a pic of me holding it but I'm in my jammies. Guess these will have to do! If you're like me, it's time you made something for You to use and enjoy, not to sell or give to someone else. Here's where the pattern can be found and a few more pics. Enjoy!


Messenger bags for my Etsy Shop

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Boy what a busy couple of days it's been! I went fabric shopping yesterday at Joanns (40 minutes away) then over the bridge to Hobby Lobby another 20 minutes). They really need to put one of each of those in Orange Park to make things easier on me. :)
I have a messenger bag pattern and decided to make a few. Thought I'd get both done yesterday, but no, I completed the second at 5:30 today. I love these but when you're working with thick, stiff home decor fabric, then iron fusible fleece to it, then a lining of home décor fabric, you've got a situation that's going to take some time. Froze my machine several times and broke 2 needles. But they're done and I love them. I'll be taking pics tomorrow for Etsy and listing them. For now here's my photos in the yard on a windy April day. Blessings!

Sharing some of my work from last year

Monday, April 6, 2015

So I was on FB scrolling around when suddenly I saw this gorgeous family photon from Easter and saw these two beautiful lil ladies wearing their outfits I made for last Easter. This is the Smith Family, Tim is Pastor at First Baptist Church of Trenton, Ohio, and Ronica is Mom to their six children, Director of Womens Ministries there, and Owner of Kapturing Light Photography by Ronica Lee. Last years pics made it clear it was quite cold and windy but looks like this year was much nicer. I went shopping here in Florida and texted photos of fabrics to Ronica and she picked out these gorgeous spring colored fabrics and I enjoyed so much making them. She said she'll get a photo of just the two girls so I'll add that when I get it. I enjoy sewing and then seeing my work being used or worn and knowing everything is one of a kind so no one has the exact same item. Looking at this pic made me happy. Enjoy your day and make time to create something unique for you or someone else! Oh, and here's me, hubby, and stepdaughter Madison at church yesterday. The Easter Bunny came to celebrate too! I made her dress last year too. Blessings!

A handmade childs bedroom makeover done for less than 150.00!

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

It's Springtime! That means spring cleaning and "out with the old and in with the new." Maybe like us, you need a new look in a childs room, maybe more age appropriate décor and just a fresh look. We did Madisons room redo for 150.00 by doing all the projects ourselves and thrifty finds from the thrift stores we frequent. After talking with Madison about color and having her go shopping with me to show me what fabrics she liked, I got busy on the biggest project, a quilt.

I decided to do a log cabin. They're quick, easy and fun. I worked on it virtually all day and in two weeks it was done! That's a record for me!

Then I took scraps from the quilt and did a bunting to hang behind the bed.
I searched "hoop art" on Pinterest and got the ideas for the .20 goodwill hoops. The scrapbooking clock was a thrift store find I decorated with paper, and put a photo of Madison and her daddy in from our camping trip.
I purchased the plain wood frames at a craft store, painted them, polka dotted them, and glued on clothespins to hold photos. I placed them in thrift store stands that hold frames or plates.

The pink lava lamp was a 3.99 thrifty find. Hubby went out to his shop and built a desk for homework and art. She loves coloring there, and writing books complete with pictures. The pink chair? Another Goodwill find.

I found a tutorial on Pinterest for the tissue paper flowers and hung those. The Madison street sign was a thrift store find. What are the odds on that?

Made a few pillows from scraps and one from a yard sale vintage tablecloth

Made a headband holder from two oatmeal containers, burlap, and a candle holder.
A  café rod made a great art display.
This room is so pretty, cheerful and unique. I don't know about you, but I'm allergic to decorating from an aisle in a store especially when everything is matchy matchy. Next time you need a room redone, I hope this inspires you to DIY.