some summer sewing and new items for my sewing business

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Hi everyone! It's spring and here in Florida that means we're already going sleeveless and wearing shorts. I've had my eye on some patterns I wanted to make so I purchased them, had fun picking out my fabrics, and I've now made one or more of each of them. These items will work all year here minus a month or so. I also decided to offer these patterns in my sewing business, and will be posting them on my FB business page. I used to do girls clothing a few years ago, and I miss it. I will never get rich making clothing, or sewing purses, but I do it because I really do enjoy it. 
First up, the angel sleeve dress.Oh do I love all the gathers, the ruffled bottom, and that pocket. I'll be putting that pocket on some other things I'm sure. 

 Can you tell it was very windy? Next up the reversible criss cross tunic. Love this.

 I need to find a pattern for those for adult ladies! Next is this pinafore pattern I just adore. It can be worn all year long as you put a short or long sleeve shirt under it. When you see the back you'll understand. This looks like a dress from the front but it's not.

 Photobomb courtesy of Lucy Lu! Next, these adorable Lucy shorts.Oh I love these so! I could just sew these all day long!

 And now the Tilly shirts I made to go with them. Love em!

 I made this playdate dress two years ago but never got a pic of Madison in it. I'm going to offer this pattern so we got a few pics.

 Last but not least, the daisy sundress/top. It can be made either way.

 I'm so thankful for Madisons help. Clothes don't look appealing photographed on a hanger. People like to see them on a real live person. I have a lady size mannequin but no room in my happy place for little mannequins of all sizes! Madison is a real trooper and enjoys modeling for me. She also enjoys the perk of all the demos made in her size so she gets to keep them. Not bad! Here's a few out takes. Blessings, Gina