Some sewing for the home

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Hi ya'll! I've been busy but some of that busy has been sewing to make our home more lovely and cozy. I took some burlap coffee bean bags and made a curtain for our dining area. I didn't want to cover our yard sale vintage stained glass window so the curtain is short and allows the light to pour in. We're coffee lovers so this project wasn't just for neccessity.
I love my handmade curtains. I made a set for the living area which I shared with you already, then made a set for our bedroom. I love this french script fabric in duck cloth.

I've come to love the color turquoise over these last several years and I've been incorporating it in our home a little here and a little there. I made a pillow for the couch in this arrow fabric.
I was thrift shopping with my dear friend Janet when I found this tray to place on my vintage suitcases for a drink, my Bible, or whatever.
I'm still working on that quilt for the couch to keep me warm in the winter. I know this is Florida but we do get a little cold weather and let's face it, a handmade quilt on the back of the couch just looks pretty and adds so much color.

I went to Hobby Lobby with Janet and was trying to find something I could use in this small space on the living room wall next to our tv. When I saw this chalkboard I knew this was my project. I can change the chalkboard to hold Bible verses, holiday greetings, or some inspirational quote I see. I made a small colorful bunting to go above it and I love it. 

When hubby and I did our deck remodel which I shared with you back in June, we wanted a vintage wagon for our recycled/upcycled cooler but couldn't find one at a reasonable price. We put a galvonized pail on and it worked great to hold ice and drinks. Thanks to Janet, I found out a mutual friend had a vintage wagon she was selling at a yard sale today to help a missionary family come home on furlough. Chris put it on and it looks so cool and helped a good cause! I hope your October is beautiful, full of fall fun, and some cool projects! Blessings, Gina

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