Hello. It's me. It's been a while.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Hi everyone! I'm still alive here on planet earth, I just haven't done the work of a blog post. If I want people to stay interested in my blog I should probably check in here more often. I do have an Instagram page where I post more photos because it's so quick and easy.
I had to look and see when my last post was and it was shortly before Christmas! Gosh let's catch up.
My nieces enjoyed getting my handmade strip cosmetic bags that I put several goodies in like lip balm, moisturizer, a nail file, etc. Since I made Josh a huggy pal a few years ago I figured Connor is at the age for one too and made him a fox. I started getting some vintage Christmas finds on Ebay and scored several nice things at thrift stores like the santa mugs I remember drinking hot chocolate out of as a child. So nostalgic! My oldest brought his family to Florida to see both sides of their family, and my 3rd child flew in from Indiana, and with the other two being in Jacksonville that made it very special for us.

Madison is becoming quite the little chef. We cooked several times together over Christmas break and several times since. I think she feels special now that I've allowed her to chop veggies and use my favorite knife.
Of course I'm trying out new recipes weekly from my Pinterest boards and even FB. In fact Facebook is where I found the recipe for broiled garlic butter lobster tails that I made for Chris and I on Valentines Day. My youngest and I were having lunch recently and he needed to go to Teavanna in the mall. I went in a non tea person and came out wondering why I've never loved tea?
We recently went for a ride on the Wild West Express up in St.
Marys, Ga. What fun riding a vintage steam locomotive, hearing the horn, seeing the steam pouring out as we rode down the tracks being entertained by all sorts of characters.

I have always wanted to see a reenactment of a civil war battle. I lived in and then on the outskirts of Philly for almost ten years but never made it to the battle of Gettysburg reenactment they do every July 4th. Well this year was my year to see one at nearby Olustee State Park. What an interesting and educational experience. It's hard to believe how battles were fought at that time. Pretty up close and personal!

We went to Gainesville for a medieval festival. It was interesting to say the least. This was also a first for us and our niece and nephew we took as well.

Remember the 80's camper we bought that Chris is restoring? He felt certain it didn't have water damage but it did. He's making progress but had to remove all the wood on one side where the table, benches, and hanging bed were.But it's coming along nicely. I've been buying necessities for the camper at thrift stores and have found some fun things.

This is not a man who needed another project but what did he do? He bought a '52 GMC truck that he's going to put back together and I can't wait till she's ready to drive. What fun that will be! We named her 'Miss Ellie.' 
That just about does it. I'm feeling the need to sew something but I'm not sure what? I'm sure you'll find out next time. Thanks for taking some of your precious time to look at my blog.

Getting ready for Christmas

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Hi ya'll! Can you believe we're just days from Christmas? Two weeks from today to be exact. We put up the tree with all our ornaments, most handmade by me, one of my children, Madison, a mom, grandparent, or friend. I never forget who made an ornament and I hold them dear. I recently made a trip to the thrift store to pick up a few more decorative things and I was practically dancing when I checked out! I found some things I needed and some I wanted but before I show you, have I ever told you we live in a manufactured home? That means we are limited on space, wall space, and storage whether in the kitchen or the bedrooms. The only closets are in the bedrooms so my craft room closet has to hold so many things including seasonal decor.I have to be choosy with what I buy.
  First here's the tree.

I wanted some Christmas themed pillows and a few with red or green that I can use anytime and I found several.

They look so pretty on our new couch along with the quilt I made last year.

When I found this I had to get it because this can be up all year and I love the pop of color.

I needed a little greenery and a few things to set out here and there.

I put the red train by grandson Joshs' photo as he adores trains. I love the little drummer boy and the winder in back still works and plays the tune.We think this piece is vintage. It made me think of Connor.

I've been hoping to score a vintage metal toy truck as I love them and at Christmas I could put a bottle brush tree in the back. After searching the rest of the store, I headed to the toy section to see if maybe I could find something there. I was looking at the big plastic bags of toys when I saw red metal and realized what it was.Not a truck,but a tractor and I love it!

I found a few lanterns and came across a few village pieces that light up and decided to start a small collection  for a corner table. I've passed up dozens of these in the past so it won't take long.

I got the wood JOY kit at Goodwill a few years ago and covered two of the letters with card stock and painted the other. I painted the bowling pin snowman last year, made the wool Santa last year, and I recently made the fabric wreath. I love it.

I found a reproduction of a vintage radio that works. I love the shape of it as well as the sound of an older radio.
I made the coffee bean bag stocking for myself last year and Madisons patchwork stocking a few years ago. Chris'cowboy Santa stocking was a Goodwill find.
I got this metal and glass cloche at the thrift store and knew exactly what I was going to do with it.

I had these vintage kitchen items in a glass cabinet but put them out on this old scale we got at an antique store on a weekend trip.
This ladder with the elf pups was a 5.00 yard sale find several years ago. Yard sales are a great place to get a variety of things including seasonal items.

I've made several cosmetic bags and tried a new look with attaching tassels to the zipper and I love it. I'll have some in my Etsy shop soon.

Our home is small but it suits us perfectly and it's full of love,joy and peace.

As I go, I leave you with a pic I snapped of us with a friend yesterday just prior to the start of the Christmas party at the Women and Childrens Shelter in downtown Jacksonville.Our church offered boxes to fill with a list of suggested items, then the ladies and kids received them yesterday at the party along with a fun time of crafts, hot chocolate, cookies and face painting. I urge you to be a giver in your daily life, and do something this season for someone who has nothing to offer back other than a hug or a "thank you." You'll be blessed. Gina