My new coastal look

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Hi ya'll! I hope you're enjoying transitioning into fall if you live somewhere that has a fall. We're still experiencing our endless summer here in northeast Florida. I've spent quite a bit of time these past few months saying bye bye to years of a country decor of one type of another, and redecorating in a rustic, shabby, coastal decor with a hint of country. Chris and I love being in, on, or around water. I love the colors associated with the beach and natural colors you think of when you think of lakes and being around the water. I began by shopping at my favorite thrift stores and in just a few trips I had some wonderful finds!

I painted my over sized clock in my new colors. No need for a new clock.

I went to driftwood beach, gathered some driftwood, soaked it in bleach and water for 5 days then laid it on an unused table to dry. The results were beautiful!
Here I am at driftwood!
I printed some photos that I have scrap booked but wanted framed to put here and there. They are such good memories to see every day and make me smile. I took some cheap coasters,cut up a burlap coffee bean bag and modge podged the burlap onto the coasters. They stay stored in a .99 crab/lobster tray from a thrift store that probably came with coasters originally.

I talked hubby into getting rid of the country couch and chairs we bought from a Craigslist seller and got an Ikea Ektorp sectional. It's white. That was a source of disagreement until we compromised and agreed to get him a new recliner that I approve of the color, and a chair for Madison to sit on so we're not stressing about the white furniture when she plops down on it.The slipcover can be taken to the dry cleaners but that's costly and I hope to only need that once, maybe twice a year. She got her chair and I got my own recliner and the Ektorp. I'm happy. You know what they say,"Happy wife-Happy life!" Here are my photos of my living space and dining space that I've given a face lift to. 

 Life is better in The Bahamas!

I love the dining area! Here's the entry way.

 This old fan is just the way I found it in hubbys shop. Love it!
 This typewriter was given to me a while back. The photo is a mural I took a pic of while in The Bahamas.
 Another fun memory!
 These binoculars belonged to Chris' grandfather. We purchased the big starfish in the Bahamas.
 My son Joe bought me an old trunk several years ago for my birthday and got me started on a collection of them.

Now the living area.

This tool chest was built by my hubbys grandfather over 100 years ago. I loved it before and suggested Chris give it some legs so it would work as a side table.You can't fake this patina. It takes 100 years to get this lovely.

The curtains I made a while back still work great but we picked out some bamboo blinds to go with our new look.
I love this shabby side table I found at a furniture/accessory store. The bottom was already turquoise. That 9.95 hand carved wood fish looks great on top of it.

About that white sectional....

I love it! And the rest...

I love the simplicity of the driftwood I found in a clear thrift store jar. The hand carved wood bowl needs nothing in it to be beautiful.

We just found out last Monday that we'll be the host family for the new small group we joined at our church. I think there's a good amount of seating for that. We will need a few folding chairs but that's ok.

Thanks whoever donated this signed and numbered watercolor turtle already framed. My thrifting pays off again!

I store the quilt I made last fall in a wire basket from the thrift store with a spare pillow. I forgot to mention I made my table runner from home decor fabric I found when I took a short cut through the fabric aisle at Walmart. 
We recently took a scenic boat tour on a day trip to St. Augustine. We are so fortunate to live only an hour away. I leave you with a few pics of that, as well as a snapshot of my youngest Joe driving our pontoon boat yesterday (Labor Day) out on the St.Johns River. Stay close to the water!  Gina


  1. Oh Gina, that turned out so nicely! Love it, so warm and welcoming!

    1. thank you Sharon for taking a look and for your positive feedback.