Decorating my door for my favorite season and a few ornament pattern links

Friday, September 11, 2015

Hi ya'll! I am so excited that fall is just days away. It's my favorite season and for many reasons. When I moved to Pennsylvania many years ago I had never seen the true splendor of fall growing up on the Ga/Fl line and I was just in awe and in my glory each fall. Now I've been back in Florida for many years so I have to help things along. It may be 90 but I still put out those decorations, make pots of homemade soup, apple nut bread and go to a big farm for the corn maze, tractor rides and other festivities in October. I introduced you to my vintage screen door my first blog post. It was a yard sale find and I had shelves made for it and did a dry brush paint job with the red paint. I love a fireplace and mantle but when you don't have one, you just have to make do with what you do have. Here's my fall door with some handmade items by me and some yard sale and thrift store finds.

I always start Christmas projects in the fall and I got Josh's ornament done, one for his Mom and Dad, and I'm still trying to figure out a 1st Christmas ornament for Conner. Pinterest has lots of ideas and free patterns. Here's the one for Josh.

This isn't a quick process, it takes a few hours to cut and sew all those individual circles, then handstitch and stuff the ornament before closing. I enjoyed making this and picking out the fabrics. I found the tutorial at
The blog is in Russian and there are photos but no instructions. I used the lid for a large mouth mason jar and with the photos had no trouble figuring out the steps.
I also made a folded star ornament. This one takes a while too. Lots of squares to cut, fold and iron. It involves a little sewing but only after each round is completed and again when you sew it to the back with the binding. This was fun! You can find the tutorial at

 After making quilts for my 4 children, my stepdaughter, two grandbabies, several missionaries and quilt hangings I made as gifts, I finally started a quilt for me! I want a lap quilt for the couch to cover up with and of course to look pretty. I was looking at my scrap basket yesterday and it's out of control. I realized if I chose the right pattern I could probably make the quilt entirely from scraps. I am doing a Woven Block which will be perfect. Each strip can be made of 2 or more fabrics. They don't need to be the same length just the same width. Skinny pieces can be together and the wider ones together. Here's my 1st block. It's 14 x 14. There will be 9 blocks with sashing in between. It will be colorful for sure!
Time to get a 2nd block done. What are you working on? Have a crafty weekend. Blessings! Gina

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