Pretty Patchwork Quilted Sewing Machine Cover

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Hi Ya'll! I wanted to pop in and share a free pattern I found via Pinterest for a sewing machine cover. My machine is precious to me and I am careful to keep it covered when not in use. Doesn't matter if it's for an hour or overnight until I pick up on my project,when not in use my machine is protected from dust which is the #1 killer of machines!
Although my machine came with a plain beige cover, I decided to find a pattern and make my own cover to go with the colors I'm trying to incorporate in my sewing room. When I came across this tutorial, not only did I love the pattern I loved her fabrics and the colors were the very ones I wanted! Creative minds must think alike. Here's a few more photos of my cover and the link to her tutorial.It's easy and you don't have to quilt it if you don't want to.
                                                Enjoy! Gina

A free pattern, recipes and a project

Hi ya'll! I've been busy sewing and trying out new recipes and wanted to share them. First for the recipes. We stayed home New Years Eve to celebrate here with just the 3 of us.Madison and I made a yummy comforting dish called Indecisive Mac and Chili.It's perfect when you're craving both  cheesy pasta and chili.Love it!

We made a very yummy dessert called Chocolate Chip Skillet Cookie with Butterscotch Chips. Oh goodness it is sooo incredibly good!
Here's the recipe

Hubby and I went to a place in downtown Jacksonville called Eco Relics.We bought an old piece of ship lap, several unique hooks,and he made me an organizer for purses and scarves. I love it!
I was recently reunited with an extended family member who I haven't seen in a very long time. I am going up to Georgia soon to see her and her infant daughter, and meeting her mother who recently moved back to the area for dinner tomorrow.I can't wait to catch up with them. I've sewn up 3 dresses since yesterday, and have some bibs I made and an Hour Basket for the babys' room as a gift basket. The dress pattern is easy enough for a beginner, comes together fairly quickly and the dress is so sweet looking with the elastic straps and flowy gathered bottom.

The pattern can be found here
Happy cooking and sewing!