Free Messenger Bag Pattern and a lil elf for Christmas!

Sunday, December 27, 2015

 Hi Ya'll! I hope your Christmas was a time of making memories with some of the special people in your life. We had a nice day with some family but the best part of Christmas this year was a little elf born Christmas Eve! Grandson Conner is beautiful and already home with his parents and big brother Josh. I'll be going to Virginia very soon and I'll get plenty of pics. For now here's a few

Connor was 8 days late and I was working on this bag when we got notified Becky had gone into labor. It really helped me put that "nervous energy" to use and made the time seem to pass quickly. I love everything about this messenger bag. The size, the roomy exterior pocket and the ability to use several fabrics. The pattern doesn't call for a magnetic closure but I wanted one so I installed it. Here's a few more pics.

You can find the free pattern here
Have fun with this!

A quick and easy Christmas crafts post

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Hi Ya'll! Stopping in to share a few quick and easy crafts that you can do for hostess gifts, for your home,and  some ornaments. I made this Santa in under an hour. I just love it and I found the tutorial here
 Then I made 2 small elf ornaments.I found the tutorial here
 Here's the pics!

Happy crafting! Blessings, Gina

My latest sewing projects for my Etsy Shop and my Christmas Decor

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Hi Ya'll! I hope you enjoyed the rest of your fall. We enjoyed our half a day of it here in Northeast Florida! Literally. But that didn't stop us from going  fall farm festival and enjoying the festivities.
I shared with you previously my stocking for Connor, who's due next week and my ornament for his big brother Josh and another for their parents. I made Connors 1st Christmas ornament and I love it. It's a Scandinavian Santa Clause.
I made some more of the bow tie bags for my Etsy shop. I just adore these. They are so roomy, have two padded pockets on the inside, and the bow just adds a special touch. These are available right now!
I am also making a few of these xl size fabric storage baskets for my shop as well. Great for your crochet or knitting supplies, in a childs room for toys, or in your craft room. Mine is going to store lots and lots of scraps until my next quilt.

And now for my humble home with it's mostly handmade Christmas decor. Here's our tree. Mostly handmade ornaments. All the cross stitched ones were made by me, as well as the pinecomb angels, little Santas, the Christmas caroler and a few more. Several were made by Mom or grandma, and many by friends or my kids. Oh I especially love the ones the kids have done.

I also made the sunglasses into snowmen, and my stepdaughter and I did her footprint and she turned it into Oloff.It turned out so cute but boy is it heavy! Of course grandson Josh's handprint his mommy did and made a Santa is a treasure.
The rest of our decor is mostly handmade too. I quilted and cross stitched the largeJesus decoration in 1990. It truly sums up what Christmas is about. I've shared my red door with you before that I decorate for the seasons since we don't have a mantle. My oldest Jim made the Christmas bear in 1st grade. I found the kit for the wood JOY at Goodwill for 2.99 and modge podged scrapbook paper onto 2 of them and painted the other. I did the littlefelt snowman in a frame years ago and just whipped up the bunting yesterday. Bunting is so festive and you can do it in fabrics for each season, to decorate a childs room or for a party.And it's quick to make!

I hope you're inspired to make something for you or someone else. An ornament or a decoration you'll pull out each year that will say "It's Christmas!" 
Blessings, Gina