Remember these chairs?

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Yeah these! We picked them up in Mt. Dora at Renningers a few weeks ago. We picked out our coastal colors, bought a few tools and I got busy. It was 103 degrees the first day I worked with eye protection and mask, attempting to get years of paint, rust, sealer, and whatever else was on the chairs. I spent most of the day on them. 

I worked on them the next day as well. At the end of that day I realized if I want these chairs stripped down to metal, I will probably need to be at this all day, everyday for a week. Not happening! I came in and saw my reflection in the mirror. No pic of me lookin like a coal miner!I did my first coat of paint as it would need at least three and with painting each chair two colors, this would take longer than using just one. After a couple of days my son John flew in from Bloomington, Indiana where he is a student and teacher at Indiana University Jacobs School of Music. I have a clip on Instagram of him playing a piece he did in concert last week in Ponte Vedra Beach. While he was here and my chairs were drying between coats of paint, we went to breakfast with Joe at Maple Street Biscuit then John and I went to the Cummer Museum. Neither of us had ever been and I don't know why. It's beautiful with all the art inside and the gardens in the back with the St. Johns River as a backdrop.

Then I got back to the chairs. We got heavy afternoon thunderstorms as we typically do  here so that slowed me down. But today, today I finished! Are they perfect? No, but I love them. They add a fun punch of color to our little front deck and they'll be a nice place to sit and sip tea and chat.

I decided recently to update our decor to a coastal look. I've been country of one kind or another since my late 20's. I love country, rustic decor and there will always be elements of that in our home, but I want our home to be a reflection of who we are and what we love. We love being in or around water.Going to the beach to picnic, walk, pick up shells and splash around a little. We love being out on our pontoon boat enjoying Kingsley Lake or Black Creek and fishing. We've done three cruises and have wonderful memories of those. I began a few weeks ago searching for the right things at my favorite thrift stores that will give me the look I want. I'm not going all 'Margaritaville' nor do I want palm trees on my fabric. I know what I like when I see it and it will all work when I'm done. I've got a sneak peek at a few of my finds.
I hope to be through by the end of next week so hopefully I'll be able to share the photos by early the next week. I think it's going to be everything I've dreamed it would!
We really do love being in the water!
                                                         Be blessed, Gina

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