Messenger bags for my Etsy Shop

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Boy what a busy couple of days it's been! I went fabric shopping yesterday at Joanns (40 minutes away) then over the bridge to Hobby Lobby another 20 minutes). They really need to put one of each of those in Orange Park to make things easier on me. :)
I have a messenger bag pattern and decided to make a few. Thought I'd get both done yesterday, but no, I completed the second at 5:30 today. I love these but when you're working with thick, stiff home decor fabric, then iron fusible fleece to it, then a lining of home décor fabric, you've got a situation that's going to take some time. Froze my machine several times and broke 2 needles. But they're done and I love them. I'll be taking pics tomorrow for Etsy and listing them. For now here's my photos in the yard on a windy April day. Blessings!

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