The 4th of July is coming! The 4th of July is coming!

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Hi everyone! Summer is almost here and with it comes one of my favorite holidays, the 4th of July. I know our country isn't perfect and we certainly have issues to work on, but I believe we're greatly blessed to live here and we're still the greatest country in the world! Thank God for the freedoms we have and probably take for granted often. Since my door is my "mantle" I decorate for the seasons it was time to take my appropriate things out and I decided to make this bunting which is so easy and can be done in an hour. I'll share with you where I found these free printables I love as well. First, here's my door.

The horseshoes with stars we got at the flea market. The little Uncle Sam hanger ornament and the pioneer woman holding the flag were thrift store finds. I made the fabric pinwheels two years ago and just keep them in the jar in the closet near my rubbermaid bins of seasonal décor.
  I made the bunting by taking a dinner plate, large bowl, then regular size bowl like these
I folded my red fabric in half and traced the big plate, pinned inside the circle then cut them out so I got two at a time, then did a single one. I traced the large bowl onto my folded fabric, pinned in the circle to keep them together, cut again and did a 5th. You are not placing the bowls on the fold, you are moving it away from the fold so you get two which makes this go quickly. I did the same with the small bowl on the burlap.
  I placed the blue circle in the middle of the red circle, pinned and then zig zagged all the way around the outside of the blue. I placed the burlap circle in the middle of the blue circle and did the same only I went around twice to help prevent fraying.
  I took twine, tied a large loop on one end, placed a circle over it, aligned and pinned the edges, then started just under where the twine runs and zig zagged around to the other side. My knot came loose on one and it slipped off, after I had sewn the outside so I attached a safety pin to the end of the twine, inserted it in that top opening and pushed it back out the other side.
  I love my patriotic door and I love my country!
  I've done a few more of the burlap bags. I came up with my own pattern for a large tote since I've done gussetts on bags before and I love how it came out. Then I did another tote, not as big, with outside pockets in the front. I love these coffee bean bags and hope to get more orders soon or sell the ones I listed in my lil Etsy shop.
  Enjoy the free printables and the bunting. They will add a nice pop of color for your 4th of July too! Blessings, Gina

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