Our DIY Deck Remodel

Friday, June 19, 2015

Hi! I am so excited that just a few hours ago we finished our DIY deck remodel! We began this in February, and my hubby has had the hard work, that's for sure and he did an amazing job. Our pitiful deck, which was just like a pass through from the back door to the back yard has become an outdoor room we can enjoy all year long. Now we have a roof, his handmade Adirondack chairs to sit in, cute décor from thrift stores, St. Augustine, and other special events like the Shrimp festival where we got the vintage buoys and World of Nations where we bought a beautiful handcrafted bird wind chime from Argentina. We found plants on Craigslist cheap and I painted the chairs and made the coffee bean bag pillows and found a big nautical themed pillow at Goodwill. Hubbys smoker does have a spot but that's ok because it helps him do his magic!  Here's the pics:
Chris even made a cooler from a vintage sewing machine base and a metal pail!
All this got me thinking about the front of the house which was very blah! A few trips to the garden center and Goodwill and I was able to do improvements in front for cheap!
The wreath I made a few weeks ago completes the front porch.
I'm so proud of Chris's hard work these last four months. He did an amazing job and I can't believe he finished within hours of our bbq tomorrow where we'll have 22 of us here. Our family reunion is Sunday and we'll have company again next week and now I'm proud of how our home looks and love our new outdoor room where plenty of people can hang out there! Love DIY!

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