My Dottie Angel Frock, Coffee Bean Bag Art, Scenes from The Dirt Road and more

Friday, February 26, 2016

Hi! I wanted to share my Dottie Angel Frock I made with you. Heard of "Granny Chic"? Pretty sure this falls into that category. I love the tie, fun pockets, and the fact that the pattern comes in dress length as well. I plan on getting hubby to take photos of me wearing it, but I want them to be true to Tif's style. That means rolled up jeans, maybe boots, outside near something farmy looking and holding something I'm crocheting!

 Speaking of crochet, I've wanted to learn for awhile now and when I saw these yarns in Goodwill yesterday for .99 each, I snatched them up and decided now is the time. I'll let you know how that's going as time goes on.
  Another Goodwill find not long ago was this vintage wood ironing board. I have it in my sewing room and I love it.

 My daughter in law and the boys came down to visit her family and let her family that hasn't met the baby yet get their chance. I stole them for part of a day, along with one of my 3 sons and my daughter who live in the Jacksonville or surrounding area. We went to Maple Street Biscuit Company for a yummy breakfast then a park right on the St. Johns River. It was a beautiful, blue sky, sunny, gorgeous Florida in February day.

 I recently spent a day catching up with a friend I don't get to see too often because of her responsibilities and schedule, and we enjoyed a lovely lunch and pot of tea at Cozy Tea in Riverside.

 I've shared some bags and backpacks I made from burlap coffee bean bags and just the other day did an original art piece for my son Joe. Not to be taken seriously mind you. It's framed in an old screen frame that came out of an old school being torn down in Jacksonville. It's cool looking and is meant to bring back memories of his trip last month to Costa Rica with his Dad.

 I lived in Jacksonville for decades, and grew up an hour north of there in south Georgia and came here as a child when we had a big day out then drove myself and friends there after I got my license. Jacksonville was home until I moved out to Middleburg 3  1/2 years ago. I have always been a walker, even when I was a child. I used to love to walk down to the river as a child and teen. I walked in my Jacksonville neighborhoods. I moved up to South Philly in 1994 and in spite of warnings from native South Philly fellow church members, I walked early every morning around south Philly and enjoyed it. I later moved to Lancaster, Pa and my walks got a whole lot more scenic. I felt the calendars I previously purchased and admired didn't do Lancaster County justice. We had Mennonite and Amish neighbors, which of course meant the Amish farms, homes, barns, boys out plowing the field, little girls in their traditional clothing playing outside while their mothers hung the laundry and their quilts. We even had an Amish man come every Thursday with fresh fruits and vegetables for sale and they were cheap! He even had a stand in front of his house using a coffee can "honor system" that I would sometimes drive to and load up on cabbage and corn. I love my walks here in Middleburg. The road alongside our house has a name but I always refer to it as The Dirt Road. I've counted well over 30 horses and that's just the ones I can see from the road. There's plenty of animals around here to enjoy, along with other interesting things that catch my eye. I find lots of beauty down this dirt road and leave you with some photos I've been taking here and there on my walks. Enjoy! Gina

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