treasures found down another dirt road

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Hi Ya'll. It's a lovely spring like day here in northeast Florida. We've been talking about getting flooring for our home that looks like reclaimed wood, but would be low maintenance and durable. We ended up going with a vinyl plank flooring and it's being installed as I'm typing. Of course we're confined to sitting on the bed with our computers as our open living space is all being done and it's a mess! Here's a few pics.

As I always do, I took off down the dirt road yesterday for a 4 or 6 mile walk but decided to walk the paved road and see what other dirt roads I could wander down. I found a few but nothing of any interest.Lots of beautiful trees and beautiful sounds of chirping birds but that's about it. Then I saw another dirt road and started down it. Shortly after I came to an interesting old building. I didn't go inside but I wanted to. I walked further down and saw an old barn with something near the front and again, I wanted to go inside but didn't. I went to the home across from both, met the couple, and told them I just love walking, exploring, looking at interesting things and taking photos. I told her I'd like to come back tomorrow with hubby since we hate all this pounding going on and I'd like to bring my camera. She said that was fine. After I got home I told Chris he needs to go over there with me tomorrow and check out this old car that I think is a very early model car. He thought I meant 60's, maybe 50's, and I told him I really believe the car I saw staring back at me in that barn is one of the first cars made. He seemed skeptical. Well enjoy the pics I took today of an old grits mill, and yes I went inside, the barn and all it's treasures, including a 1908 Model T Ford and the vintage airplanes the owner flies over our house occasionally.

You never know what treasures you'll find down an old dirt road!

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