Free pattern link for the Agave Clutch and my experience with sewing it!

Monday, March 30, 2015

Hi everyone! What a perfect spring morning we are having here in Northeast Florida. I have my usual 4 mile walk shortly, but I was so excited about sewing up my second Agave Clutch and blogging about it I had to do that first. After coffee of course! This is a free tutorial I found on Fabric Mutt by Heidi Staples. As soon as I came across it I knew I had to give it a whirl.
  Her tutorial is so well written and her photos were done right and really are helpful. My first one came together without a hitch. I would rate this pattern as Intermediate, but if you're in the Beginner stages of sewing and are installing zippers already, go for it!
 I love the fact that the clutch is a generous 12 1/2 " wide by 9" tall, and has not one, but 2 compartments. I've used 3 different fabrics on these for interest. She did a solid color for the main exterior pieces and a print on the bottom, but I had some prints on hand with coordinating prints and decided to mix it up a bit. I do love using as many different fabrics as I can. However, I plan on making one like hers with a solid and a print and see how I like it.
 Here's the first one I did with grey and pink:

Here's the grey and mint:

I'm listing these in my Etsy shop in just a little while! You can make your own though, here's the link:
Happy Spring! Happy Sewing! Be Blessed!

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