A busy and wonderful Mothers Day weekend!

Monday, May 11, 2015

 Hi ya'll! I hope you had a nice weekend with your family, Mother, or whoever you were with. Work brought my son John from Chicago for a few days so I got to have lunch with him, see my son Joe who was working a few doors down for a brief time, and my daughter Anna had the weekend off so she joined us for lunch and for me and hubby to take Mom to dinner Friday night. My oldest Jim, daughter in law Becky, and baby Josh live in Virginia. Chris and I did some boating out on Black Creek on Saturday then took a ride to lovely St. Augustine yesterday for dinner. In between all that, my husband went to work on Thursday and told the guys about the upcycled coffee bean sack purse I made and a guy ordered two after seeing a pic. One for his Mom and one for his wife. These bags have a lot of pieces to cut and except for the straps on the tote, they all have to be hand cut. The burlap pieces need a brown backing, then fusible fleece on top of that. I have to pin cautiously as burlap is fragile and I take extra steps for the edges of the burlap during cutting and assembly to prevent fraying. Here's the pieces for the large bag!

Since I don't know these women, their style or favorite colors, I played it safe and got a beautiful floral home décor fabric with pinkish/red, blue, yellow and green. It looks so pretty with the burlap!

And here's a few Mothers Day weekend pics!

I may be making a few of these upcycled eco-friendly bags and listing them on Etsy as well as my FB page, but with the labor intensive projects they are, several hours, I'd prefer to do custom orders. Feel free to contact me on my page (link on my blog). The tote style bags are 65 and the large purse is 80. The large one has interior pockets and two large outer pockets in front, and the tote has interior pockets and side pockets under the bows. I'll be happy to try to accommodate color preferences! Have a lovely week. Blessings! Gina

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