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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Hi! It's me again. I shared a tutorial recently to make a large, vinyl lined cosmetic bag. Since I claimed the bag before making it, I chose some owl fabric that I love. A customer wanted one for herself, and wanted oriental fabric in mainly red and black. I just finished her bag and it's so pretty. I'm not "into" oriental fabric but I love the graphics and colors on the outside, and the cherry blossom fabric on the inside. If you love your fabric, you will love your final product. Excuse the weird post title, but I got an email from Blogloving telling me to copy and paste that on a post to be included in their blog roll. I'm brand new at this, and I hope to be able to share tutorials, tips, thrifting projects, and recipes with as many people as possible. Blog loving helps you find blogs, get updates when a blogger you choose posts, and allows you to save pages so if you want access to a tutorial you see, you can come back to it. I hope you'll consider putting my humble little bloggy on. Have a great day and hope to see you soon!


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